okay, so jonas has finally figu
red out this crawling thing. its really funny to watch too.. he's getting faster and now he's trying to pull up on everything. he tries to eat the coffee table, turns on the dvd player, grabs the crib like he's in jail.. its hilarious. i have video of the crawling on my phone. hopefully i can get a picture of it.. we'll see.


belly love

a couple pictures of my pregnant friend cher. i love pregnant girlies! they are so cute!


baby love

okay, so i know this isnt even my kid, but who can resist a cute baby! these are some pictures i took for christina. they turned out pretty good. well.. at least, i think they did. this photography thing might actually work!


welcome home

a big hearty welcome to our new neighbor, Lincoln.


she's crafty

here is my latest expression of crafting genius. hah! just kidding. its just the card for this month's club, but i just wanted to show my sissy.. here you go brannon.. hope you like it! i do!


oral hygiene

jonas recently discovered my toothbrush in the bathroom. when i tried to take it away from him he had a hissy fit like no other. so i thought, okay, i'll let him play with it for a while. well, i ended up just giving him my toothbrush. i was okay with him chewing on it, but once he proceeded to brush the fridge, the floor, his high chair, and the cats, i figured it probably wasnt going to do much for my oral hygiene after that. here's to teaching them young.


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