one in the oven!

so here are the pictures i did the other day. what a hot little mama! some great photos!



i did some pregnancy photos the other day (more to come on those) and after took some fun pictures of jonas and lincoln. this one was my favorite!

i also liked this one, although its not from the same day, just being a nut.


sleeping habits

for some reason jonas has been super crabby lately, waking up in the middle of the night, not going to sleep, etc. normally he's really good about bedtime, but this night he wasnt. but little did i know, all it took was a basketball.



well, easter was fun (although i'm late putting these up!) we had a small egg hunt in the front yard. jonas didnt really care. mainly he just sat in the grass. eventually he did move though.

then we had dinner at JoAnn's. it was very nice and we got some funny pictures of the kids in the chair!


Mommy Cover

okay, so this is so sweet. like a hooter hider/bebe au lait, only BETTER! this is my friend's company and if you order one, i have a discount code! there is a retractable zip cord that goes around the back and attaches with a magnet to keep the sides from flashing your goods to the whole world. if you guys want the discount code, let me know!! help a fellow mom! check the website or


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