okay, so. occassionally i get a hankerin' for an old movie from say, the 90's. a few months ago i watched Titanic. i had all the expectations of it being as wonderful as when i was, what, 16? well, sadly. i was disappointed. it just seemed a bit cheesy. it was still a good love story, but seemed sort of silly as an adult.


so yesterday, i decided to watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. and, again was disappointed. i guess i just shouldnt have such expectations. i mean, okay, so kevin costner is supposed to be this 'robin of locksley', who lives IN ENGLAND, but nobody thought that it would be a good idea for him to have an english accent? i mean, come on? nobody caught that before they sent it into theatres? and i know it was the 90's, but honestly, did they have mullets back in King Richard's time? NO. everybody else looked ragged and poor, but nooooooo.. not kevin costner. we'll give robin hood a mullet because thats what is hot right now. bleh.

maybe i should just stick to current releases.



i love these! mia got these chuck taylors for her baby shower and i've been waiting for her feet to get big enough to wear them. im so happy they finally fit!




i know i posted these pics before but this is the layout i did with them. part of a challenge at Three Paper Peonies. isnt her stuff great? i love it.   well. this sums up the summer for us. well, at least for mia. 


rilo kiley - silver lining

i LOVE this song. makes me dance in my seat!


logan temple

coming up on our 7th anniversary! i snapped a few of this beautiful place in honor of it!

logan temple


miss priss

meet my brother. 
mr. manly. 
& my new bike. 
that i L.O.V.E. !!   

he helped me fix the tires and get it up and running,  but i made him take the maiden voyage!  doesnt he look so, oh.. whats the word,  
on my yellow beach cruiser with a basket on the front? hehe.. 

i get a kick out of it if nobody else does. 

C bike1

C bike3

C bike2

i havent decided on a name for her yet, so miss priss will have to do for now. 
(im debating between Agnes and Beatrice)



i did these pictures a few weeks ago for my sister in law. she had a new baby so we snapped a few family ones as well. isn't her daughter beautiful? i love the look on her face.


her new little man is pretty handsome too. a few more here.


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