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this is the face we usually see

but we were lucky and got a little smile this day

here she is very noncomittal about her mood


i like monkeys

tomorrow is jonas' birthday but we had a party tonight. both sets of grandparents came and brody's siblings were able to make it. we just had cake and ice cream and then opened presents. it was lots of fun. jonas got a bunch of curious george stuff and after every present he would get this excited look on his face and stomp around in a circle. it was so fun to watch. but the best part was the cupcakes brody and i made! i thought of it last minute and sent brody to the store, but our cupcakes turned out so cute! jonas couldnt wait to eat them.

this reminds me of the story about cheap monkeys. i like monkeys. check the link. it will make you pee your pants. i did.

jonas actually blew out the candles himself. a proud moment.

this is what mia did the whole party. what a pooper.



jonas loves and i mean LOVES to help me clean. his favorite thing is to scrub the toilets with the brush. its definitely from his dad because im not that tidy and OCD. so this is him helping to clean the bathrooms.

okay, this isnt the best picture. i was trying to hurry before she moved, but she does this all the time, its so funny. one word. Thriller.


snow dog

so we had another huge snowstorm and the drifting caused some places to be about 3-4 feet deep. i was out shoveling and jonas came to play when the neighbors dog came over. it was so funny! he was jumping around in the snow and slamming his body into the snow banks. his owner would make snowballs and throw them and he would catch them in his mouth. it was really funny and jonas was so excited aobut it. he kept on shouting, "doggy runnin!" its times like these that i think it would be fun to have a dog, but then i think about potty training it and having to take it for walks and i remember why we only have cats.



this is our little man in black. whenever brody is playing the guitar jonas needs to as well. we are getting a head start on lessons. 

so usually i cant get the two year old to sit still for half a second but i'll tell you what, turn on curious george and he turns into a statue. this is a typical morning when it's on. he's such a goofball.



so brody went out of town for a training and i decided to paint the kitchen while he was gone. i figured that way he couldnt complain about it because he didnt have to do any of the work. at first i was a bit unsure of the color because it went on really bright, but when it dried it toned down and i've decided i REALLY like it!


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