im pooped!

it seems that layla has two mothers. one who actually does work and another who likes to think she is extremely helpful.

like, announcing anytime she cries that,

"waywa need hers binky!"

and then she will RUN to the bassinet or chair, find said binky, and then RUN back to wherever layla is and try desperately to insert the binky into her mouth - whether she really wants it or not.

or if layla is lying on the couch or bed, she will come up and lightly kiss her on the head and then ackwardly try to stroke her face or arm, because she isnt quite sure what exactly to do. she just knows that she wants to give her a love of some sort.

its very sweet.

and she gets very excited if in her wild flailing movements one of layla's hands or feet grazes hers and she'll exclaim, "waywa touch me!!"

but, just like any new mom...

...this mothering thing is hard work!


my best

while *trying* to take a nap

j: mom, i love you.
m: i love you.

j: you're my best girl.

m: you're my best boy.


j: mom, is a blimp a spaceship?


well, maybe its snot.

babies shouldnt get sick. especially when they are brand new. i hate hearing them all stuffy and congested.

i went through 4 - count them FOUR - tissues with the booger sucker.
and she just wailed.. im sure it feels like i'm sucking her brains out, but its nice to NOT hear her breathe.

she'll thank me later, i'm sure.


oh the injustice!

i dont like cake. i mean, if its really good cake, i'll eat it and enjoy it.
even if its crappy cake, i'll still eat it because i hate seeing stuff go to waste.
but i just dont really dig cake.

pie on the other hand... mmmm...
i love pie.
just about any kind of pie (short of the cow variety).

so for my birthday, i requested a lemon meringue pie.
and good to his word, the hubby came through!

so we put the candles in, sang the well loved song, and all blew out the candles.

this is where tragedy struck.

how dare you!
LIFE is not F.A.I.R.!

"i was supposed to blow out the green one and you did it instead!"

sad, i know. i mean, i directed all my air AWAY from the green candle, but you know how fickle air can be.. that she devil.

anywho. the wailing finally stopped.

and i enjoyed my birthday pie. mmmmm..

ps.. notice my face?
oh.. not the gorgeous blue eyes or the bright white horse teeth..
its the size.... its back to NORMAL! hooray for me!


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