recent eats

im hungry.
im always hungry.
even after...
no, ESPECIALLY after i eat.
im super hungry.

but alas.. the diet is, what it is.

at least it looks good before it disappears into thin air.

for maybe 30 seconds.

we haven't had hamburgers for 3 weeks and these were AWESOME!!
a little mango and white peach, salad, and cucumbers.

a snack.. no jam allowed, but berries are. and isnt that what jam is made of anyways..
this had A LOT less sugar, thats for sure.

and, steamed fish over rice with avocado, salad, and strawberries.

the best thing about this diet? the dinner prep is so easy.
meals are 30 minutes, tops. nothing bakes in the oven. there isnt any chopping.
the grill takes maybe 20 minutes and veggies steam in less than 10.
im loving that part.
and it doesnt heat up my house.

tonight we're having steaks..
(dont mind my drool)


a summary

we've been busy.


eating rabbit food.

(ps.. the baked sweet potato was AWESOME!)

acting rather surprised at new foods.

and lots and lots of cleaning!


the tastier leaf

so. i'm revamping. with a new house, comes a new way of eating. we've been doing the zone/sugarbusters for a while. but to be honest, i've never been a "dieter".. . i never felt i had to. i have a slim build, am athletic, and frankly dont have the desire to limit myself when it comes to what i eat.

and mostly, it was because the man wanted to, not me. but alas, the baby pooch, as i call it, needs to go. and i've been persuaded by my uber health concious hubby, that i would benefit from a lifestyle change. not that i dont eat healthy already, or just stuff my face with crap, but i don't really care to diet either. and the only guidelines i've given myself previously, are if i dont like it, dont eat it. if i do, then look out stomach! (in moderataion, of course).

so here i come body for life. i am officially "dieting".. ugh. i hate that. i feel like there is so much stigma attached to that (mostly self inflicted). it makes me feel old that i "need to diet". but, if it makes me get rid of the baby pooch and look better, then i guess i'll exercise some self control . and the fact that i've agreed to it, should help a bit.

here's one of the first meals.. it was actually easy and so pretty on my NEW PLATES!
i made on prerequisite to agree to the diet.
i would get new plates.
A. because i hate my old ones.
B. so they could be smaller to fit smaller portion sizes but still look full.
C. they are simple and classic. mmmm... everything looks good on them. seriously.

(i love that the onion looks like its trying to escape!)

salad never tasted so good!


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