recent eats

im hungry.
im always hungry.
even after...
no, ESPECIALLY after i eat.
im super hungry.

but alas.. the diet is, what it is.

at least it looks good before it disappears into thin air.

for maybe 30 seconds.

we haven't had hamburgers for 3 weeks and these were AWESOME!!
a little mango and white peach, salad, and cucumbers.

a snack.. no jam allowed, but berries are. and isnt that what jam is made of anyways..
this had A LOT less sugar, thats for sure.

and, steamed fish over rice with avocado, salad, and strawberries.

the best thing about this diet? the dinner prep is so easy.
meals are 30 minutes, tops. nothing bakes in the oven. there isnt any chopping.
the grill takes maybe 20 minutes and veggies steam in less than 10.
im loving that part.
and it doesnt heat up my house.

tonight we're having steaks..
(dont mind my drool)

Cher  – (7/22/2010 10:44 AM)  

mmmm. looks awesome! have you noticed any changes yet, in your physique i mean? :)
also, i love your square plates. i want some.

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