so wikipedia says that cats have 30 vertebrate..
(thats 4 more than humans. i think.)

my cat utilizes ALL of them.
notice how the front paws are facing a different direction that the back ones?
(he remained in that position for a LOOONG time)
he's quite agile.
perhaps he should have been a gymnast.
but that would require movement.
and exercise.
two things he's not prone to do.

and lets be honest.
sometimes i wish i were a cat.
who lived at my house.

Cher  – (8/19/2010 11:53 AM)  

ha ha. nice. sometimes i am lazy too. ok, i'm always lazy. but i wish i could be as lazy as a cat sometimes.

Leslie Black  – (8/21/2010 1:09 PM)  

No joke, I wish that every day. My cats have a golden life that I would love to live.

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