little lady

this is miss four months old.
she enjoys eating, sleeping, filling her britches, and bright shiny objects.
her spare time is filled with giving raspberries and eating her hands.

lets all give her a hearty welcome.



washing the blinds by hand has got to be the absolute worst household chore.


if only my fairy-godmother-cleaning-lady would come and rescue me.


and just because it looks boring without a picture.
here's yours truly.


welcome. welcome.

the newest member of our extended family. my brother's cute new little man.. awwww.


oh, yes i did..

this turned out SO cute. made this one for mia and am planning a matching one for layla..
girl stuff is so cute!!



usually, this is what i get...

but today, i was lucky.. and she gave me a little bit of this..
(along the same lines as the first)

but then i got this and i almost peed my pants.

and lastly this one. i wanted to cry. she's just so cute.


a letter of thanks

Dear miscreants,

thank you.

i whole heartedly appreciate the way you gave purpose to my life this past saturday. for you see, i had no concrete plans to do anything. because you were so giving of your spray paint and minimal artistic abilities, i was able to dedicate a good half hour to washing my fence, BY HAND. well, lets be honest. more like scraping my fence, with my fingernails and a wash rag.

perhaps it was my own fault for installing the fence and interfering with your trespassing upon my property and surveying my home for valuables. i have indeed made the temptation too great and a vinyl fence is such an apt canvas. who could pass it up?

although i must say, if there had been a bit more effort or creative genius involved, i might have even left your "art" up a bit longer, but the lackluster effort and lazy scrawl of "AS" along my fence line just wasn't what i was looking for in my neighborhood art gallery. i'm sure the 7 seconds you dedicated to my fence was well spent in your eyes.

again, a heartfelt thank you for singling us out. we are ever grateful you bestowed your mediocre talents upon us.






i'm slow. i know.. easter was last weekend. eh. better late than never, right?

we dyed our eggs earlier in the week using good old fashioned food coloring. none of those fancy schmancy egg kits around here. no sireee. we are cheap and easy. food coloring and crayons.

i like to keep it classy.

and its not egg dying if you dont have a few broken and cracked ones right? especially with little hands that just cant wait to help.



went to grandma's for the egg hunt and dinner. mmmm... dinner.

our hooligans dressed up like bunnies. or bunny hooligans.

mia immediately opened every egg. we tried to coax her into finding more, but she was very content with the first one. we finally got through to her.

dont you love our high tech easter baskets? i was too cheap to buy any. and my MIL made these cute ones.
but i did get a few on the after easter sale for next year. i'm such a good mom!

it was all fun and games until someone's bunny sack tore.


he RAN in the house, inconsolable and wouldnt stop crying.

until i told him we could fix it. with tape.

see? i wouldnt lie.

he's such a tender heart.


pseudo spring

well, if mother nature insists on torturing us
i will retaliate by eating all the fruit i can.



i've just been in love with the ruffle bum onesies, so i decided to make a few more. the others i put on 18 month sized onesies, so she wont be able to model them for a while, but i did this one on a smaller one. i love it! especially with the leggings!


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