get ready.

so i started making these ties, and they are seriously so cute. i've decided to sell them and they would make perfect gifts for christmas. if you know of any little men you need to get gussied up for church or other events, then you need this! they are reversible, so really it's a two-in-one tie. they have a frayed edge for a little bit of fun. as well as a fat bottom for some manliness. if you need a special color combo, just let me know via my email on my profile! i have sizes from newborn to 5T. Spread the word!

white circles  *  blue polka  *  green heavy stripe  *  
white w/ green stripe  *  green w/ yellow stripe  *  yellow solid  *  
blue stripe  *  
OR customize to what you need! i'm game for any option!



jonesy is starting to be imaginative and i think its so funny! ever since halloween, he'll knock on our bedroom door, open it, and say trick or treat. then i give him a pretend treat, and he says. mom, open it. so i have to open it up and then he gobbles it up. its so cute. 



wow. really. thats about all i can say. wow. go check it. and then pay her whatever she asks to do your own. AMAZING! jessica Kettle i'm in love with them.
oh. and of course. THANK YOU!



somehow i missed this picture earlier, but i think its so funny! you'd think i'd said that we were going to have HER for dinner.  that expression is great. 


holy moses! seriously, this is the cutest hat EVER! i bought it off etsy, from everyday beautiful, and i had hoped it would be in time for our family pictures. im sure it would have, except my post man dallied around with it and i didnt get it. boo.. so i decided just to take my own. i LOVE this hat. its so fan-friggin-tastic.. anyways. if you want one, hit the link. she did a great job.



i made jones a tie for church. it didnt take very long, but it turned out so cute! i just might make a couple more.
this picture is a little blurry, but its so cute.



seriously, she's a nut. always putting grass and leaves and dirt and whatever else she can find in her mouth.. i love the sun on this one.

this is the cape i made for jonas. he's so funny. i made 2 of them and so he makes one of us put it on and run around the house with him and then he'll say, "whoa, i'm so fast."
We had our family pictures done on friday by Jessica Kettle, whom i love. and i can't wait to see them. i'll be sure to post some and her link. she's seriously great. mia wasnt to happy, so i hope we got a decent one of her. oh well. kids arent perfect. i know they'll be great pictures.


crossfit. it does a body good

if only my hubby had muscles like this...

oh. wait. he does. ;)

Look at those shoulders! Yowza! my handsome hubby has been doing the crossfit fitness program for the past year with some pretty stunning results, if i do say so myself!


talk about OLD school

i saw this on cher's blog and thought it was so funny. i had to do it.

so this is when my mom graduated. (69) oddly enough, it probably looks exactly like she would have, since i look exactly like her.

and when my dad graduated. (64)

i did jonas' just to be funny.. oh the hilarity.

this is 1970


and 1980!


spooky treats

i bought this kit from JoAnn's last week for like 10$. it was so cute and i thought it would be a lot of fun for jonas and i to do. i decided to get caramel too because they taste much better that way. anyways, it was time consuming and messy, but lots of fun! too bad they dont turn out as pretty as the box. but im an amateur and we are just going to eat them anyways.



i was practicing some photos with the sun, trying to get a good sun flare, but jones moves so fast, its a little hard. well, any 2 year old moves too fast. i thought they turned out good with the sun anyways. he's my little GAP man.



he's a handsome devil, that little man of mine. 


feeling blue

so when brody was out of town for another training i decided to paint, again. its easier to do it when he's gone, becuase then the house can be messy and i dont have to hear him complain about it!! i wasnt so sure about it at first. it was a bit darker than i had wanted, but i love it now..
~and yes, that's nemo on the tv. jonas' favorite new thing.


just for fun

she is so funny. she L.O.V.E.S. to eat grass. maybe she needs more fiber, i dont know. but everytime i put her in the grass its always in her mouth. and the second is her funny face when she wakes up. she's so cute.


slowly but surely

we are making progress... we have had 2 successful days of #2's in the potty! i'm so happy. hopefully this will be the start of a great new habit.  i've promised him a chocolate cookie for when he does it and here he is in all his chocolate glory!



jonas' new obsession is cars, just like any kid it seems. we spent a good two hours the other day in the driveway as he would push them down and then bring them back up, line them up, and push them down again. it was really cute.  thanks to our great neighbor who gave us all his new favorite toys. 


we be jammin'

so i got some apricots from my friend christina who knew someone who knew someone with an apricot tree and we decided to make jam. not just any jam. apricot pineapple to be exact. oh  and it is SO good.  a little preview.

we had three bags and i was naive to think that wasnt very much. we got 3 double batches out of them!  yikes. we'll have jam for ever.


my new love

so i finally decided to try some digital scrapbooking and i must say. i was intimidated. i've wanted to for a while, but just never got around to it, mostly because i was afraid and hadnt read any tutorials.  so i finally did it and im IN LOVE with it. i cant wait til my kids go to bed so i can work on it. its AMAZING! i might never clean my house again. im hooked. and it looks like a real scrap page without lugging the inards of my closet out into the kitchen only to make a GIANT mess and not get anything done. i dont think i'll ever do it traditionally again. i know.. call me crazy, but seriously. my life is definitely better now. enough rambling. here's my first page in a 4 page layout from the 4th of july. i love it. i dont care if nobody else does. ;P


how dare i

i gave mia some otter pop the other day and i didnt realize she'd enjoy it so much. how rude of me to take it away from her!


fat cat

we took jonas bowling at fat cats last saturday and he had so much fun! i havent been bowling in a long time and my score definitely showed it. its sort of hard to take good pictures in the black light, but here's what i got..  he was so funny.



here he is 2 otter pops, 4 stitches, and a massive headache later.  he was really good the whole time. my poor goose.



so i did some photos for my sister and i cant believe how good they turned out..  super cute girls. head over to justbeirie to see a few.

oh, and jonas got stitches yesterday. more on that tomorrow.



jonas received a rain hat and boots for christmas and finally got to use them in the rain. he LOVED it. he looked pretty cute in his yellow slickers.



i am so excited for our patio! they came and poured the cement today, and jonas was so excited. we were outside the ENTIRE time watching the men. they probably thought we were crazy and trying to nit pick, but jonas just wanted to see everything. i think it looks pretty good! now we just need furniture to go with it. ;(



i just wanted to put some pictures of moo on.. since most of them are of jones.  this is her when she just wakes up.. she's a happy thing. cute too. she's rolling over now, but she gets stuck on her belly and just whines until i help her back. silly moo.


peas and...

the dr. said that we could start with some solids now and so we did rice cereal first which was pretty uneventful, other than mia would gargle it and splatter it all over me. then we decided to do carrots. well, i didn't realize that solids come up just as easily as regular spit up, and if you take the bib off prior to the spit up, it sort of defeats the purpose. well, the carrots didnt sit well, and seemed to make the spit up worse, so we will be waiting a bit longer before we do any other solid foods. 


wash day

jonas' second favorite chore is washing the bedding because he gets rolled up in the sheets, gets to throw the pillows, and jump on the bed.  today he asked if baby sister could jump too. he is just too funny


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