holy moses! seriously, this is the cutest hat EVER! i bought it off etsy, from everyday beautiful, and i had hoped it would be in time for our family pictures. im sure it would have, except my post man dallied around with it and i didnt get it. boo.. so i decided just to take my own. i LOVE this hat. its so fan-friggin-tastic.. anyways. if you want one, hit the link. she did a great job.

Jessica Kettle  – (11/18/2008 5:20 PM)  

oh my gosh those are ADORABLE! I wish we could have had it for pictures too!!!! Dang. These shots are adorable btw. I will totally tell you how to do the silhouettes, it isn't too hard. This week is a little out of control with the benefit concert and I'm preparing for studio 5 monday, but as soon as I get a sec I will walk you through it! It's toooo fun.

Vicky  – (11/18/2008 5:49 PM)  

AW thank you! She loks ADORABLE in it!, seeing the children wearing my hats is my favourite!
Thanks again,
Vicky everydaybeautiful.etsy.com

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