wow. really. thats about all i can say. wow. go check it. and then pay her whatever she asks to do your own. AMAZING! jessica Kettle i'm in love with them.
oh. and of course. THANK YOU!

caderader  – (11/21/2008 8:23 PM)  

WOW!! Your pictures are so cute! I love them all. And can I say... You are one hot mama!!!

the nayz  – (11/23/2008 8:06 AM)  

You said it. These are absolutely amazing. And you do have very cute kids!!

Tobi  – (11/23/2008 9:20 PM)  

Those shots are amazing! When does Jonas start his modeling career? (I'm sure you could get a few jobs yourself too!)

cherilyn  – (11/25/2008 12:25 PM)  

such cute pictures! how many are you gonna print?

Colayton  – (11/26/2008 4:44 PM)  

no kidding AMAZING! freakin Awesome!

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