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so i started making these ties, and they are seriously so cute. i've decided to sell them and they would make perfect gifts for christmas. if you know of any little men you need to get gussied up for church or other events, then you need this! they are reversible, so really it's a two-in-one tie. they have a frayed edge for a little bit of fun. as well as a fat bottom for some manliness. if you need a special color combo, just let me know via my email on my profile! i have sizes from newborn to 5T. Spread the word!

white circles  *  blue polka  *  green heavy stripe  *  
white w/ green stripe  *  green w/ yellow stripe  *  yellow solid  *  
blue stripe  *  
OR customize to what you need! i'm game for any option!

Celeste  – (11/25/2008 9:40 PM)  

tana, these are sick. I just posted about them, I SOOOO need a boy!

Allred Family  – (11/26/2008 8:56 AM)  

I just found your blog and had to say hi!!!! Those are the cutest TIES I have ever seen.....I will have to get some for my little guys!!!!!
Mona-Kay Allred

Ashley  – (11/26/2008 7:57 PM)  

I want to buy one of your ties how do I pick the color and the size? Sorry I am retarted with computers... could you e-mail me...

Jessica Kettle  – (11/27/2008 11:25 AM)  

girlfriend, these are rockin. I will be placing my order soon... oh, and if I hit a fabric store and find a print I love, would you do a custom one? what kind of fabric is preferable?

Celeste  – (12/22/2008 3:37 PM)  

your husband is funny! he jsut left a comment on my blog & at first I was like "wtf?" but then I got it, and it's all gravy. and congrats on the freaking low body fat! you are my hero.

Jessica Kettle  – (1/03/2009 10:22 AM)  

okay, you'll have to talk to Matteo about that, our contractor was cute little Miguel Contrearas and he was fast & cheap, but there are little things that he kinda half-assed.

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