slowly but surely

we are making progress... we have had 2 successful days of #2's in the potty! i'm so happy. hopefully this will be the start of a great new habit.  i've promised him a chocolate cookie for when he does it and here he is in all his chocolate glory!



jonas' new obsession is cars, just like any kid it seems. we spent a good two hours the other day in the driveway as he would push them down and then bring them back up, line them up, and push them down again. it was really cute.  thanks to our great neighbor who gave us all his new favorite toys. 


we be jammin'

so i got some apricots from my friend christina who knew someone who knew someone with an apricot tree and we decided to make jam. not just any jam. apricot pineapple to be exact. oh  and it is SO good.  a little preview.

we had three bags and i was naive to think that wasnt very much. we got 3 double batches out of them!  yikes. we'll have jam for ever.


my new love

so i finally decided to try some digital scrapbooking and i must say. i was intimidated. i've wanted to for a while, but just never got around to it, mostly because i was afraid and hadnt read any tutorials.  so i finally did it and im IN LOVE with it. i cant wait til my kids go to bed so i can work on it. its AMAZING! i might never clean my house again. im hooked. and it looks like a real scrap page without lugging the inards of my closet out into the kitchen only to make a GIANT mess and not get anything done. i dont think i'll ever do it traditionally again. i know.. call me crazy, but seriously. my life is definitely better now. enough rambling. here's my first page in a 4 page layout from the 4th of july. i love it. i dont care if nobody else does. ;P


how dare i

i gave mia some otter pop the other day and i didnt realize she'd enjoy it so much. how rude of me to take it away from her!


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