slowly but surely

we are making progress... we have had 2 successful days of #2's in the potty! i'm so happy. hopefully this will be the start of a great new habit.  i've promised him a chocolate cookie for when he does it and here he is in all his chocolate glory!

Colayton  – (8/30/2008 11:42 AM)  

Yeah!!! Good job little man...and mama.

Cotter  – (9/05/2008 8:39 PM)  

i hate potty training but ella just finished! it is so worth it!

Amber  – (9/15/2008 7:52 AM)  

Hey thanks for the heads up...Setting the kitchen timer has worked best...but we were needing something new. She does great for a day or two and then she gets totally defiant and like deliberately pees on the floor. I looked at their website and it says they have them at Kents in Brigham. So we'll have to get one. Thanks again!

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