my new love

so i finally decided to try some digital scrapbooking and i must say. i was intimidated. i've wanted to for a while, but just never got around to it, mostly because i was afraid and hadnt read any tutorials.  so i finally did it and im IN LOVE with it. i cant wait til my kids go to bed so i can work on it. its AMAZING! i might never clean my house again. im hooked. and it looks like a real scrap page without lugging the inards of my closet out into the kitchen only to make a GIANT mess and not get anything done. i dont think i'll ever do it traditionally again. i know.. call me crazy, but seriously. my life is definitely better now. enough rambling. here's my first page in a 4 page layout from the 4th of july. i love it. i dont care if nobody else does. ;P

Colayton  – (8/14/2008 2:41 PM)  

looks great!!! i'm still not convinced i'll do any type of scrapbooking though.

the nayz  – (8/21/2008 10:07 AM)  

Love this page. I am such a loyalist that I may never switch over completely. I have done a couple of hybrids (mainly customizing my pictures)

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