another page for a challenge at three paper peonies. seriously, her papers and stuff are so great! if you want some good stuff for your collection, check her out. plus, she's still doing freebies. i'm sure soon enough, she'll be snatched up by a store and then i'll be spending more money i shouldnt.


hop, skip, and a jump!

oh, i'd love this... so fantastic for maternity!!



because i'm sort of crazy...

so. maybe its because of this.

or maybe its because i have my mothers brain and i forget EVERYTHING.

either way, i'm easily sidetracked.

i pour a glass of lemonade
have a sip
get called into the bedroom by a 3 year old
end up doing heaven knows what
pick up some toys
decide to clean the counter in the bathroom
have to break up a fight
need to change a diaper
check my email
and go into the kitchen
after an hour and a half to find,

oh yeah! i had a glass of lemonade to drink..


put mia down for a nap
help jonas find buzz lightyear
then end up racing the cars
pick up more toys
wind up laying on the bed with jonas so he'll take a nap
end up falling asleep as well
wake up
walk into the kitchen to do the dishes and find...

the sandwich and all the makings i had started earlier
still sitting on the counter
all warm and not as delicious after being out for 2 hours.

nice stale bread and warm cheese.

does this happen to anyone else?


jingle jingle

card montage copy

card montage2 copy

need your christmas cards? i've got a few up my sleeve.. email me for more info on pricing, etc...



today is pirate day. and this is my pirate. it has nothing to do with halloween. we have been noticing that her one eye is being sort of weird and we think it might just be weaker than the other. our home dr (aka, web MD) suggested using an eye patch to let the weak eye become stronger. so, we will try it. and then ask the REAL dr. when we go in for her appt in a few months.

this is as she says, "ARRRRR".

i had to promise treats if she would wear the patch.. she calls it her pirate.

(and yes, she is wearing jonas' old lizard pj's! i think its so cute!)


boo... or maybe buzzz.

happy halloween.. more later, when i have time!

my sweet little bumble bee.


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