decisions, decisions

so i've decided to hang the logan temple picture up in our house, but i cant decide which i like best..  any opinions/suggestions?

waldram logan sized

waldram logan B mat sized


yay for me!!

i'm so happy with myself! at the oscraps website they had a challenge for two of their designers, feifeistuff and paislee press. if you are into digital scrapping, you have to check them out. they are amazing designers.
anyways, i entered the challenge, which consisted of scrapping a photo that was blurry or otherwise not good. basically one you would have thrown away. so i chose a picture that jonas took of my belly. its a cute picture, it just happens that the focus is WAY off. he loves to take pictures, but i dont let him very often with my camera. so i was bracing the camera so he didnt drop it.
there was supposed to be 1 winner, but they liked mine enough that they gave a bonus prize to me! woo hoo! here's what they said... (i'm so flattered)
"and this one is special. Me and Liz love the imperfection of the photo plus the fact that it was taken by a 3 yr. old *sigh*...
It makes the blurry-ness and imperfectness that much more endearing and it totally captured the essence of our challenge!!!
So we decided to give an extra prize to tanalicious!!!

you won a $5 GC to paislee press shop and $5 Gc to fei-fei's stuff shop"

... and here's the layout!

i'm so excited to go shopping!



as i was doing a family photo shoot downtown we came across this book that had been left outside. it was so random and i dont know why, but i thought it was so fascinating..




new neighbor

a peek at our newest neighbor. isnt she a doll!





its not that bad, right?

so, everyone loves peanut butter on apple slices, right? well, who doesnt love peanut butter and chocolate together too? so i figured, you cant go wrong with all three.. maybe its just the hormonal cravings of being pregnant, but seriously. it was goooood.  




the best book i've ever read

The Book Thief : Markus Zusak.

i've never read a better book. if any of you have read it, i want to know what you think of it. and if you havent, i highly recommend it. seriously. this book is so amazing. the way the author uses descriptions and the aspect of the narrator, its just so engaging. and heartbreaking . i've read it twice now. i finished it up while i was at work yesterday (on audiobook) and i was wiping tears away while i was typing. im sure the keyboard was a little soggy by the time i was done. and i hoped that nobody would notice that my eyes were red. but i'd read it again in a heartbeat. some books are good, but once i've read them, i'll never read them again, or i find the characters irritating. but i love all the characters in this book. they have such personality and it hurts my heart to think of how the story ends. but its such a thought provoking book, and i loved it. i would suggest it to everyone.


1st year album

i've been working on mia's scrapbook for her first year, and i've finally finished it! i thought it turned out pretty good.

mia small 1

mia small 2

mia small 3

mia small 4


" tiger woods and his daddy"

we took jonas out with his new clubs the other day for a little practice. its so funny to watch. and mia really likes being our gopher. although she doesnt really see the need to use clubs.



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