its not that bad, right?

so, everyone loves peanut butter on apple slices, right? well, who doesnt love peanut butter and chocolate together too? so i figured, you cant go wrong with all three.. maybe its just the hormonal cravings of being pregnant, but seriously. it was goooood.  



Cherilyn  – (9/15/2009 11:03 PM)  

whaaaaaaaat! prego!!!! is this your official announcement? congrats!

Matt  – (9/16/2009 8:10 PM)  

shut your face! congrats!! are you also eating like a 17 year old football player like I am? I'm only 7 weeks, so if this keeps up, my less than thirty pounds goal is a gonner.
how far along are you? YAY!!! congrats.
oh, also, try graham crackers and chedder cheese- tastes oddly like cheesecake, and is working for me lately

Matt  – (9/16/2009 8:10 PM)  

wait, this is celeste not matt.

jenilynd  – (9/17/2009 8:53 AM)  

ok yummy!!!! I am going have to try that.

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