decisions, decisions

so i've decided to hang the logan temple picture up in our house, but i cant decide which i like best..  any opinions/suggestions?

waldram logan sized

waldram logan B mat sized

jenilynd  – (9/30/2009 7:11 PM)  

i like the top one the best.

Celeste  – (9/30/2009 8:28 PM)  

bottom one...
unless you did a canvas wrap, then the top. but for just regular framing, the bottom one is bueno. plus you can read the font better on the black

Jo Meier  – (10/01/2009 11:20 AM)  

oohh, I like both of them but I think my vote goes to the top one as well! Seriously though, they are both gorgeous! :) You do awesome work!

Cherilyn  – (10/03/2009 7:57 AM)  

i'm thinking top one for some reason. maybe cuz the temple is bigger. love it!

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