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oh.. i really want/need new family pics. and i'd prefer to get them for free.. and isnt lizzy's work amazing? check her out.. go. now!


windy cindy

you know how sometimes you get a really great... something?

like say, a KITE.

(i know, i get great kites ALL THE TIME!)

well. sometimes you just dont want to share your totally awesome space shuttle kite.

but, your mom says you have to.

even with your little sister.

its a rough world.

but it's better with a kite.

a totally awesome space shuttle kite.

unless your 3 months old.

then its just a rough world any ole time, kites be dammed.


butter. booger. same thing.

i was feeding layla in the bedroom.

they were supposed to be eating their dinner.
BBQ beef sandwiches, to be exact.

all was quiet, but a little giggling.

then this:


selective avoidance

"mom! mia has a booger."

ok. no big deal. a booger.

"mom! mia's wiping her booger on me!"

ok. no big deal. a booger.

"mom! mia put her hands in the butter!"

hmm.. booger hands in the butter? not ideal, but im still feeding layla.


i had better go see what's going on here.

oh boy.

booger. butter. mayo.. its all the same right?


does this happen to anyone else?

a little story.
a shower story.

(stop imagining me naked.
well, okay.
if you must)

nine times out of ten when i get in the shower,
i get this..

i call it "the nub".

why is it still in the shower?
it's basically useless.

unless you call slipping out of my fingers and going down the drain, just to clog the pipes, useful.
and i never notice it until after im IN the shower, totally soaked, and really warm.
at that point, getting OUT of the shower is the last thing i want to do.

the 4 year old tried to help, but couldnt see the new ones.

hence, the large puddle of water on the floor.


see why i missed it? oh, its there alright..

the end.

sorry. not a very thrilling story..


the hippity to the hip hip hop..

nothing says fun like some good ole' sidewalk chalk.



i got rid of a whole lot of that...

to make room for lots of this!

(come on spring... you can do it!)


32 by the blue...

...or not. that was to be our slogan for this year, but since we haven't made any progress towards any large oceanic bodies of water, we'll have to readjust.

in the meanwhile, we had a pretty awesome birthday for our man-of-the-house.

complete with golf,
mini golf,
papa johns (a rare treat),
whole fruit margaritas (sans tequila),
chocolate applesauce cake,
and sugar free ice cream...

overall, it was a pretty good birthday. at least he said it was!


looky here!

i made this last night, in about an hour.
(the shirt, that is. not the baby. they take WAAAAAY longer. )

it turned out pretty cute. but so did the baby. ;)

*edited: tutorial for the ruffle bum is here. along with applique instructions and tips*


of girliness

it's been a long time since i used a purse. and i mean a LONG time. i've been so accustomed to carrying around just a cigarette case with my cards, but it seems like i always need more things/space/etc. so when i saw this sweet little mustard number, i couldnt resist. should be good for diapers, wipes, and a credit card. amongst other things.

jonas insisted on carrying it during the store. at that point, it became a man bag, not a purse.

overheard: Hey! Cinderella, you can marry Belle!
(not by the girl...)

when putting on our shoes to go to the store:
Hey mia! you want to wear your glass slippers?

i too enjoy sleeping with one eye open.


about time..

i figured it was probably about time for a new header, seeming as how it isnt fall (i bypassed winter entirely) and we have another member in our family. whaddya think?


what i wouldnt give!

oh, please. purdy please....


party time

yesterday was layla's blessing so we had a big ole party for her.
even though she slept through most of it. i guess i'll forgive her.

i love her little flower i made. it turned out pretty cute.

my mom crocheted her dress in 2 and a half weeks,
cuz i thought it would be great to give her short notice.

i'm nice like that.

isnt it beautiful?

our family photo, compliments of my dad.

the post party let down.. hope the hangover isnt too bad.


skills to pay the bills...


sleep tight...

so i meant to make this blanket for mia, when she was a baby and just never got around to it.. and now my friend from high school is having her first baby (a girl) and i thought, what a great present!

and, i already have all the stuff! score!

these baby blankets are SO cute. and because it uses so much fabric, they are heavy and warm.

5 different colors of flannel. one for the back and four for the top.

lay the back face down and then the others all face up, in the order you want them. the color you want to show through as the bottom one (the peek-a-boo layer as i call it) and then the others on top of it.. (make sense? not really til you see it.)
i used the ladybug pattern for the back, then the green for the peek-a-boo layer, and then a white polka dot, pink, and light green stripe.

(i've heard a polkadot back is easiest because you sew between the polkadots.. just an fyi)

then you sew diagonally across the entire thing, 1/2 inch apart. (through all 5 layers of fabric).

then on the top, cut through the top 3 layers of flannel, in between the seams you've sewn.
NOT CUTTING the peek-a-boo layer.

*edited* i just used regular scissors to cut through the top 3 layers of fabric (and my hand killed by the time i was done!) but you can buy snippers that zip through it. i did all 3 at the same time as well. just make sure you dont cut the bottom 2 layers.

bind your quilt, wash, and dry.. oh, so cute..

(bind me, BIND ME!
the finished product!


a little late...

so i finally got the announcements mailed out.

i had them designed and printed like the week we came home from the hospital, but just havent gotten around to sending them out.

but now they are.. and here it is..
i am in LOVE with it.
i love the way it turned out.


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