32 by the blue...

...or not. that was to be our slogan for this year, but since we haven't made any progress towards any large oceanic bodies of water, we'll have to readjust.

in the meanwhile, we had a pretty awesome birthday for our man-of-the-house.

complete with golf,
mini golf,
papa johns (a rare treat),
whole fruit margaritas (sans tequila),
chocolate applesauce cake,
and sugar free ice cream...

overall, it was a pretty good birthday. at least he said it was!

Cher  – (3/18/2010 9:19 AM)  

i think you're amazing. and all the food looks delicious!

Sarah loves it all  – (3/23/2010 2:59 PM)  

Some day...will you give me blogging lessons??

Anonymous –   – (3/31/2010 8:51 AM)  

what a party. you should celebrate your husband every month.

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