crossfit. it does a body good

if only my hubby had muscles like this...

oh. wait. he does. ;)

Look at those shoulders! Yowza! my handsome hubby has been doing the crossfit fitness program for the past year with some pretty stunning results, if i do say so myself!


talk about OLD school

i saw this on cher's blog and thought it was so funny. i had to do it.

so this is when my mom graduated. (69) oddly enough, it probably looks exactly like she would have, since i look exactly like her.

and when my dad graduated. (64)

i did jonas' just to be funny.. oh the hilarity.

this is 1970


and 1980!


spooky treats

i bought this kit from JoAnn's last week for like 10$. it was so cute and i thought it would be a lot of fun for jonas and i to do. i decided to get caramel too because they taste much better that way. anyways, it was time consuming and messy, but lots of fun! too bad they dont turn out as pretty as the box. but im an amateur and we are just going to eat them anyways.



i was practicing some photos with the sun, trying to get a good sun flare, but jones moves so fast, its a little hard. well, any 2 year old moves too fast. i thought they turned out good with the sun anyways. he's my little GAP man.



he's a handsome devil, that little man of mine. 


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