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so i try to make a "fancy" cake for each birthday.
and i make them from scratch.
that way i can avoid unnecessary ingredients that come in boxed cake mixes
and can use wheat flour as well.

so i spent ALL day the day prior to jonas' birthday prepping the cake.

only to find the wheat flour RUINED the cake and i had to start all over. argh!

jonas also made sure to tell people that his cake was all "scrumbled" and
"my mom doesnt know how to make cakes." thanks.

but i did end up with a FABULOUS lemon filling.. mmm. delish!

and jonas was sick all day and ended up just laying about being a slug.
in fact, we've all been sick, laying about being slugs.

jonas picked his birthday dinner which consisted of strawberries, jello, and hot dogs.
yum. dinner of champions.

and it all ended with eating cake and ice cream, opening gifts,
and playing with the new food cutting set.

i ate like 3 pieces because the kids refused to eat theirs.
after all that work! honestly. the nerve.


ruby red slippers

"look mom, they fit just PERFECT!"



haha.. but really it should be FOUR.
jonas that is.
my little mandingo.
very cliche, but they grow up so fast!

it makes me feel old. i have a 4 year old. whew!
next year will be even worse!

i'll post more birthday pics later.
right now, i have laundry to do.
and dishes.
and its garbage day. and...

well, you get the point.


rockin' the hawk

fyi... punk isnt dead. its mainstream.

after numerous BAD haircuts we decided just to make it easy.
and i mean REALLY easy. on him, on us, and whomever is cutting his hair.

this was the sucker he got from cookie cutters.
he demanded it be included in the picture.


no teasing allowed

so we finally got mia in to the eye doctor (it only took 3 months) and they said that she does need glasses. we have mixed feelings about it. i mean, it could definitely be worse but she's only two! nobody wants to have to wear glasses at two.. bleh. anyways, we took her to pick them out and seriously, she is so cute in her glasses.

and she WANTS to wear them! thats half the battle! but, i guess when your life has been blurry and these 'new sunglasses' magically make things a bazillion times clearer, i can understand her reasoning.

and because i didnt want anyone to think i'd sold the boy, here's a pic.
it's like he was getting ready for his senior pictures! hah.


anatomy of sandwich eating

does anyone else find it oddly funny the way kids eat sandwiches? they always go right down the middle and then wonder why their sandwich is falling into two pieces?


back by popular demand

i know.. i'm a total slacker. i havent posted any pics of layla, so here are a few from today. she's gained a lot of weight and is an excellent baby! she's so quiet and sleeps so well at night. she's a dream! and pretty cute too.

check out all her hair!
although, in the front, she's got some pretty sweet male pattern baldness going on!


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