back by popular demand

i know.. i'm a total slacker. i havent posted any pics of layla, so here are a few from today. she's gained a lot of weight and is an excellent baby! she's so quiet and sleeps so well at night. she's a dream! and pretty cute too.

check out all her hair!
although, in the front, she's got some pretty sweet male pattern baldness going on!

Jen  – (2/03/2010 9:34 PM)  

glad to see you back. she is a complete doll. just love her. cant wait to meet her and hold her!

jenilynd  – (2/04/2010 9:56 AM)  

Tana!! She is gorgeous! and I love the post about Mia. What a doll.

Cher  – (2/04/2010 10:49 AM)  

i just wanna kiss her little cheeks!

Anonymous –   – (2/05/2010 8:45 PM)  

ok soo you have a picture of Jonas about the same size, same pose, you need to find it and put it side by side and then have a contest to see if peopel know who is who!!! If I ever thought I had cookie cutter kids, you have me beat!!! They are all so dammmmmmmmmmmmmmm cute!

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