peeing my pants

so, jonas just did the funniest thing, i almost peed my pants. he was trying to grab something in the toy box. it was just out of reach but he really wanted it. all of a sudden in he went. these are a bit blurry as i was hurrying to take them. it was so funny.



my friend lauren gave us this couch, and i forgot to take a picture of it before, but the arm was all torn up from her dog.. so i decided that i would reupholster it. it was pretty easy, and i was able to make some pillows from the leftover fabric. you might not be able to tell, but they are argyle patterned. you dont have to tell me, i know. I AM AMAZING.



sunday was Jonas' first birthday! how exciting. time has flown by. i cant believe it. we got up early and had cupcakes before brody went to work. jonas wasnt quite sure what to think of it. first he tried to eat the flame, then he just poked it. finally he decided to eat it, but without using his hands. silly kid. it was pretty funny. happy birthday to jonas!



i was trying out the macro setting on my camera. no one but baby rios was around so here's his 15 minutes. mee-yowsa!


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