because it's funny

i laughed out loud.

and i laugh out loud, every time i see it.

(i know you did too..)

they were learning about spiders. and this was his spider hat.


tasty tasty

a few weeks back (i'm a bit behind. and lazy) mangoes were on sale for like 50 cents. 50 CENTS!!! really.

so i bought like 20 of them. and they were good too! ripe. juicy. delicious.

but what does one do with 20 ready to use immediately mangoes?

well. i froze some. and we ate the rest. in various forms.




we are big on teaching life skills around here.

like mothering.
and caring for infants.

good thing we dont use live subjects.



it was after lunch.

he was done. she wasnt.
i was in the other room.
she was finishing her sandwich.
he was playing in his room.

it was quiet.

REALLY quiet.

parents know what silence means.

only two things.

that can't be comfortable. not even remotely...

but sure enough.

she was asleep.



hello hot stuff.

oh. the awesomeness that is my neighbor. enjoy.

(you'll be back together before you know it.
and until then, you can sleep with these under your pillow.)


i want to make this!

isnt this owl adorable? its supposed to just sit there, but i think it would be a great pillow for a certain crib in my house. *wink wink*

if only the price of the designer fabric didnt make me want to vomit.


on my 'to do' list

photo: smitten kitchen

homemade pop tarts! mmmm. dont these look awesome? and much healthier. one day, when i get around to it..


lady bug

i made this for layla, but i dont think she likes it much. maybe when she is a little older.
it turned out pretty cute.

i used this tutorial but used the minky/furry fabric for the bottom.
and sewed the body together first, rather than using a blanket stitch.
oh, and i added some krinkle paper (ie. an empty costco wipes package) inside the wings to make noise.

not bad, eh?


purple people eater

so layla got thrush and we've been battling it for about 2 months. not to fun on my end considering im still breastfeeding. getting a yeast infection in your ta ta's is not fun. at her 4 month appt yesterday they coated her mouth with this dye that is supposed to take care of it and it looked so funny!

and i finally decided to put her crib up. since we only have 2 bedrooms and the other 2 are already sharing a room, we left her in the bassinet as long as possible. but seeming as how she is as long as the bassinet itself, i thought it was time. hopefully our house will sell soon so that she can have some space to herself!



why does dried oatmeal turn into cement? its so gross.


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