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so layla got thrush and we've been battling it for about 2 months. not to fun on my end considering im still breastfeeding. getting a yeast infection in your ta ta's is not fun. at her 4 month appt yesterday they coated her mouth with this dye that is supposed to take care of it and it looked so funny!

and i finally decided to put her crib up. since we only have 2 bedrooms and the other 2 are already sharing a room, we left her in the bassinet as long as possible. but seeming as how she is as long as the bassinet itself, i thought it was time. hopefully our house will sell soon so that she can have some space to herself!

Tina  – (5/05/2010 8:48 AM)  

the real question here is..... what color are your ta ta's now? hahaha. i really hope this dye finally gets rid of the thrush. good luck.

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