and the wait is over. our bebe is here! and gosh, is she cute!


the labor was HARD but worth it. if you can stomach a natural delivery i recommend it. the recovery is a million times easier!


ho ho ho

just because they are cute. and all dressed up in christmas church clothes!


Merry Christmas

i just thought i'd put this out for everyone, whether you get one in the mail or not.
i hope your holidays are filled with love and happiness.
and the new year with many blessings and wonders.

09 xmas 1side


brace yourself

seriously.. the upcoming pictures are not pretty. if you are faint of heart or have a weak constitution, you might want to consider just turning away now. it ain't good.

i had my 36 week appt and have come to the conclusion that i just may have a baby rather soon. like, BEFORE the end of the year. or SOONER! yikes.

and one tell tale sign? MY FACE! or should i say some other person's face that is somehow stuck on mine but much squishier and rounder than mine usually is. the water retention at the end is ridiculous! i mean, my calves look like big round tube mailers they use to send posters in.

i no longer have calve muscles! what?

not to mention the cankles. ugh... i hate not seeing my ankle bones.
but really.. its like a train wreck, every time i walk past a mirror i cant help but look!

oh well... soon enough i'll be back to normal. and the man will be whipping me back into shape crossfit style.

although, i do wonder why i seem to get more compliments when i'm pregnant than when i dont look like i have a bowling ball stuck under my shirt. odd?

i'll let the evidence speak for itself.


i know, i know.. i look so hot in that hospital gown.. meeee-ow!



this acoustic version is amazing! i think i like it better than the real one.


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