brace yourself

seriously.. the upcoming pictures are not pretty. if you are faint of heart or have a weak constitution, you might want to consider just turning away now. it ain't good.

i had my 36 week appt and have come to the conclusion that i just may have a baby rather soon. like, BEFORE the end of the year. or SOONER! yikes.

and one tell tale sign? MY FACE! or should i say some other person's face that is somehow stuck on mine but much squishier and rounder than mine usually is. the water retention at the end is ridiculous! i mean, my calves look like big round tube mailers they use to send posters in.

i no longer have calve muscles! what?

not to mention the cankles. ugh... i hate not seeing my ankle bones.
but really.. its like a train wreck, every time i walk past a mirror i cant help but look!

oh well... soon enough i'll be back to normal. and the man will be whipping me back into shape crossfit style.

although, i do wonder why i seem to get more compliments when i'm pregnant than when i dont look like i have a bowling ball stuck under my shirt. odd?

i'll let the evidence speak for itself.


i know, i know.. i look so hot in that hospital gown.. meeee-ow!

Cherilyn  – (12/13/2009 11:06 AM)  

you still get compliments cuz you still look like one hot mama! :) i'm glad the end is near. can't wait to see the babe, you make such beautiful ones.

Colayton  – (12/22/2009 8:45 AM)  

oh gosh. i love this post. you are a daring woman ms Tanalissalissa. my husband still denies (probably out of kindness) that i have a pregnant nose. maybe they really dont pay attention.

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