laugh out loud

i know everybody thinks their own kid is the funniest, so i'm no different. but i'll tell you what. miss moo is quite a ham. she makes the funniest faces. just peruse below. we did these for fun and i'm counting them as the birthday pictures for the kids.

this one makes her look all soft and cuddley like you want to give her a big fat zerbert on her belly or pinch her bum, but did you notice the previous picture? um.

and this one just made me laugh out loud.. hehe.. really it did.

and who doesnt love a good brush in the middle of the afternoon.. ooh me! me! i do.



i (i = me, my kids, and our good friend jenilyn).. okay, so WE were out scouting for good places for pictures downtown and this place was great. i'd love to claim this pic as mine, but that would just be plain ol' rude! jenilyn was nice enough to let me jump in and snap it. great job missy. thanks so much, i love it.



oooh.. my new favorite!! i really dig this one..



its about time! she finally has enough hair for pig tails and i love it! she is so cute with them.


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