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so i meant to make this blanket for mia, when she was a baby and just never got around to it.. and now my friend from high school is having her first baby (a girl) and i thought, what a great present!

and, i already have all the stuff! score!

these baby blankets are SO cute. and because it uses so much fabric, they are heavy and warm.

5 different colors of flannel. one for the back and four for the top.

lay the back face down and then the others all face up, in the order you want them. the color you want to show through as the bottom one (the peek-a-boo layer as i call it) and then the others on top of it.. (make sense? not really til you see it.)
i used the ladybug pattern for the back, then the green for the peek-a-boo layer, and then a white polka dot, pink, and light green stripe.

(i've heard a polkadot back is easiest because you sew between the polkadots.. just an fyi)

then you sew diagonally across the entire thing, 1/2 inch apart. (through all 5 layers of fabric).

then on the top, cut through the top 3 layers of flannel, in between the seams you've sewn.
NOT CUTTING the peek-a-boo layer.

*edited* i just used regular scissors to cut through the top 3 layers of fabric (and my hand killed by the time i was done!) but you can buy snippers that zip through it. i did all 3 at the same time as well. just make sure you dont cut the bottom 2 layers.

bind your quilt, wash, and dry.. oh, so cute..

(bind me, BIND ME!
the finished product!

Cher  – (3/03/2010 8:34 AM)  

wow. how do you cut only through 3 layers? do you use a special needle on the sewing machine to sew through all the layers?

Jen  – (3/03/2010 1:46 PM)  

um. so cute!! just love it! and yes, how do you cut through all those layers?

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