party time

yesterday was layla's blessing so we had a big ole party for her.
even though she slept through most of it. i guess i'll forgive her.

i love her little flower i made. it turned out pretty cute.

my mom crocheted her dress in 2 and a half weeks,
cuz i thought it would be great to give her short notice.

i'm nice like that.

isnt it beautiful?

our family photo, compliments of my dad.

the post party let down.. hope the hangover isnt too bad.

Lindsay  – (3/08/2010 11:03 AM)  

Love the dress AND the bow. Such a sweetie. That last photo makes me want to hold her.... and then go take a nap. She looks so peaceful.

Sartori Fam  – (3/08/2010 12:59 PM)  

Love the dress! She is so beautiful! I hope it was a great day. I wanted to come, but we are all still sick at our house:(

Cher  – (3/08/2010 8:30 PM)  

tana, you look great! and i love the headband. do share how you made it. what a sweetie pie!

Denney Family  – (3/13/2010 9:08 AM)  

the dress is darling. i can't believe how much layla has changed since i saw her. she is so sweet. sorry we missed the blessing.

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