because i'm sort of crazy...

so. maybe its because of this.

or maybe its because i have my mothers brain and i forget EVERYTHING.

either way, i'm easily sidetracked.

i pour a glass of lemonade
have a sip
get called into the bedroom by a 3 year old
end up doing heaven knows what
pick up some toys
decide to clean the counter in the bathroom
have to break up a fight
need to change a diaper
check my email
and go into the kitchen
after an hour and a half to find,

oh yeah! i had a glass of lemonade to drink..


put mia down for a nap
help jonas find buzz lightyear
then end up racing the cars
pick up more toys
wind up laying on the bed with jonas so he'll take a nap
end up falling asleep as well
wake up
walk into the kitchen to do the dishes and find...

the sandwich and all the makings i had started earlier
still sitting on the counter
all warm and not as delicious after being out for 2 hours.

nice stale bread and warm cheese.

does this happen to anyone else?

Celeste  – (11/20/2009 4:22 PM)  

Are you kidding? Yesterday I called the same lady off of not once, not twice, but thrice! About her dog. We are looking for something Sawyer won't be allergic to, and at this point, I'm afraid the poor thing will die of starvation, because I will forget to feed it. I'm just glad the lady understood, it's always nice to have that unifying mother thing going on. It helps people not think you smoke too much crack. Do you get klutzy too? I'm all thumbs & elbows, that's the worst part for me. When are you due again?

Sartori Fam  – (11/20/2009 10:17 PM)  

Happens to me all the time! I wish I could blame it on pregnancy!

jenilynd  – (11/23/2009 9:38 AM)  

Ha ha !! I thinks that happens to everyone. At least you have a reason. What is my excuse?

Jen  – (11/24/2009 10:39 PM)  

Lol! Im the same way. And im not prego. i got distracted today while drying my hair. and then i smelled a burning smell... and then i realized. thats my hair. oops.

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