a letter of thanks

Dear miscreants,

thank you.

i whole heartedly appreciate the way you gave purpose to my life this past saturday. for you see, i had no concrete plans to do anything. because you were so giving of your spray paint and minimal artistic abilities, i was able to dedicate a good half hour to washing my fence, BY HAND. well, lets be honest. more like scraping my fence, with my fingernails and a wash rag.

perhaps it was my own fault for installing the fence and interfering with your trespassing upon my property and surveying my home for valuables. i have indeed made the temptation too great and a vinyl fence is such an apt canvas. who could pass it up?

although i must say, if there had been a bit more effort or creative genius involved, i might have even left your "art" up a bit longer, but the lackluster effort and lazy scrawl of "AS" along my fence line just wasn't what i was looking for in my neighborhood art gallery. i'm sure the 7 seconds you dedicated to my fence was well spent in your eyes.

again, a heartfelt thank you for singling us out. we are ever grateful you bestowed your mediocre talents upon us.



Jen  – (4/12/2010 5:20 PM)  

seriously?!! Lame!! what losers! :(

Sartori Fam  – (4/13/2010 12:43 PM)  

I would be pissed! Let's hang out soon.

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