well, maybe its snot.

babies shouldnt get sick. especially when they are brand new. i hate hearing them all stuffy and congested.

i went through 4 - count them FOUR - tissues with the booger sucker.
and she just wailed.. im sure it feels like i'm sucking her brains out, but its nice to NOT hear her breathe.

she'll thank me later, i'm sure.

Anonymous –   – (1/18/2010 9:23 AM)  

I totally feel you! My son has been really congested latly, its so cute cause he'll bring me his saline drops & nose sucky like he knows its what he needs, Bless him little heart :)

jenilynd  – (1/18/2010 2:49 PM)  

poor girl!!! Hope she starts feeling better

Sarah  – (1/25/2010 6:01 PM)  

That's the worst! Your blog is so fun. I love your spunky personality. I'm Trav's wife- (he does your insurance I think :)) Anyway- you have super cute kids. I told Brody I was totally gonna blog stock you now.

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