i like monkeys

tomorrow is jonas' birthday but we had a party tonight. both sets of grandparents came and brody's siblings were able to make it. we just had cake and ice cream and then opened presents. it was lots of fun. jonas got a bunch of curious george stuff and after every present he would get this excited look on his face and stomp around in a circle. it was so fun to watch. but the best part was the cupcakes brody and i made! i thought of it last minute and sent brody to the store, but our cupcakes turned out so cute! jonas couldnt wait to eat them.

this reminds me of the story about cheap monkeys. i like monkeys. check the link. it will make you pee your pants. i did.

jonas actually blew out the candles himself. a proud moment.

this is what mia did the whole party. what a pooper.

Cotter  – (2/18/2008 7:39 AM)  

i am impressed with those cupcakes!!!!

KathleenGail  – (2/18/2008 9:22 AM)  

I love the cupcakes. They are fantastic for those who love George. Thanks for sharing. Mia is adorable, but then you already know that.

Kim Corser  – (2/18/2008 5:33 PM)  

totally cute cupcakes! It's so cute to see Mia still swimming in her little clothes! She is tiny.

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