snow dog

so we had another huge snowstorm and the drifting caused some places to be about 3-4 feet deep. i was out shoveling and jonas came to play when the neighbors dog came over. it was so funny! he was jumping around in the snow and slamming his body into the snow banks. his owner would make snowballs and throw them and he would catch them in his mouth. it was really funny and jonas was so excited aobut it. he kept on shouting, "doggy runnin!" its times like these that i think it would be fun to have a dog, but then i think about potty training it and having to take it for walks and i remember why we only have cats.

cherilyn  – (2/16/2008 7:52 PM)  

cute pictures, and that's hilarious about the dog. it was cracking me up reading it. and also, i'm so glad you have more posts lately! yay!

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