par for the course

well, sadly Frosty had a bad string of luck. it isnt all that surprising really, because brody and i have the worst luck in the world, but to take it out on a defenseless snowman, well that's just low. i dont think it was suicide. i found him this way at about 2:45, ran some errands, and when i got home at 4:30, his nose was missing. i think there was some foul play here. boo for frosty. it was fun while it lasted.

Anonymous –   – (12/11/2006 7:33 PM)  

Cameron will be really jealous you guys made a snowman! He has never done that before! I am sorry to see that Frosty didn't last too long. You win some and you loose some. I am 28 weeks along. It is going so much faster this time! I like it!

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