water mushroom

Jonas loves the pool and i mean LOVES it! he refers to the pool as the water mushroom because one of the big toys looks like a mushroom. well, the other day i heard him talking about it to someone and i looked over and he was crouched in front of Mud telling her all about it! He was telling her in the cutest smallest voice about the water mushroom, the sprinkler, and the deep end. it was so cute because he was so sincere like she was really listening and at any moment would meow in agreement and decide to go in her pink bikini...

Callister Family  – (4/01/2008 9:06 AM)  

What a cute little boy. And yes, we're still interested in having our pictures taken. How does May 31st sound? I'm due June 17th so I'd be right around 38 weeks. If your family isn't doing anything Memorial Day weekend, we'd also be able to do it on that Saturday, May 24th. Let us know, we're pretty flexible.

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