too cute

mia has to be held or be within eyesite of someone, preferable mom, all day long. i had to pee so bad, and couldnt take the crying anymore, so i decided to try something new. luckily a certain 2 year old's sock monkey was handy, and i had a stroke of genius. it totally worked, at least long enough for me to talk to a man about a horse and return! sometimes moms are just so smart. (ps. look at her eyes! its like the monkeys attacking her!)

jonas was helping me make mia's tutu and when he was done he was adamant that he needed to wear it, along with a cape.. (grammy has a book about zoe and elmo regarding tutus and capes). he was also helping me make some greeting cards and he pipes up with, "too cute.. these flowers are too cute!" he doesnt even know the half of too cute.

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