a long time coming

well. we did it. we finally did it. and this is the end result. after much debate and sadness we went through with it. i think that it will be easier, but i'm still sad.

the before picture. too bad we cant stick the cut off pieces onto mia somehow..

Cotter  – (5/05/2008 4:56 PM)  

he looks so cute! what a good looking kid!

Ashes  – (5/05/2008 6:42 PM)  

Jonas looks soo much older now. I think it looks cute, don't be sad.

Kim C.  – (5/07/2008 7:54 AM)  

He's a whole new kid! He still looks so cute though! And grown up too!

Callister Family  – (5/09/2008 5:06 PM)  

I liked the long hair, but I like this new look also. He's such a handsome little devil.

Clayton  – (5/13/2008 7:42 PM)  

Holy Crap... you kids got yourselves a cute little dude. I know what you all must have gone through. Being from Tremonton and having to part with several mullets (both straight AND permed) and other long hair styles, it can be a very difficult and sad situation...

Clayton  – (5/13/2008 7:45 PM)  

By the way TANA... I think you owe me a huge debt of gratitude. If memory serves me correctly, did I not coin the nickname "Tanalicious"? Wasn't licious latin for something? Let me know.

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