oh. the whining.

you know. they really are sort of cute. i think i'll keep them around. even though i have had more than enough tantrums, no's, wild kicks when a certain someone doesn't get his way, and whining. oh, the whining.
i didn't know girls could be so dramatic this early? really? it starts now? but alas, i can't help but love them. when jonas says, mama, i your best friend, my heart melts, just a little.

and mia. she really is sweet.

when she isnt whining.


and this one? isnt this the face i'm supposed to see when he's like, 15? not 3...


but then i get one like this, and i forgive. oh, how i forgive.



Anonymous –   – (6/05/2009 2:50 PM)  

Very good denney! I think you have the skills to pay the bills.

Jen  – (6/06/2009 9:07 PM)  

Oh I love them! We all had a great time! :) Where to next...? ;)

Ysh  – (6/09/2009 4:36 AM)  

Hi, I'm ysh and I would just like to express my awe on your beautiful and very photogenic kids! Jonas is such a handsome boy and Mia is just so adorable. Thanks for making your blog public.:) Keep up the good job!


Sartori Fam  – (6/09/2009 5:10 PM)  

Beautiful! I thinks it's about time that we "hire" you again to take our kids pics!

Cherilyn  – (6/09/2009 8:39 PM)  

your kids are so adorable and photogenic.

jenilynd  – (6/10/2009 8:38 AM)  

Tana they turned out sooo cute!! I love the first one of Mia. well until next time! (can't wait)

Lindsay  – (6/16/2009 9:04 AM)  

Dang those pics are cute!

Lauren  – (6/17/2009 6:47 AM)  

Ah. You're good. I wish you had done our Robinson clan pics. I'm pretty sure the dude who charged us a million dollars to pose us by a fake trellis is blind in at least one eye.

Piggy's & Petal's  – (6/19/2009 11:26 AM)  

These are so stinkin' cute!!!

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