so. i know i'm behind on this, but i just watched twilight last night and was so unimpressed. am i the only one who HATED this movie? i loved the books, but seriously. the casting was bad, the acting was bad, and it was so disjointed. i really wanted to like it but i found myself just wanting it to be over already. i know that nobody probably even reads my blog, so i'm on my soapbox for myself, but seriously. i was really disappointed.

this parody is the movie in a nutshell - only with better acting and funny.

Denney Family  – (7/18/2009 1:30 PM)  

I totally agree that the acting/acter's could have been much better. I did watch it a 2nd time and it was a little better. I really hope that the next one is better.

Sartori Fam  – (7/18/2009 2:32 PM)  

Ok Tana, that was hilarious! I hated all of the actors that they casted as the Cullen Family. Super poor acting.

Redcat  – (7/18/2009 9:17 PM)  

I loved it! Well actually only the parts with the bad vampires. The rest of it was a complete snore and unforgettable. I did watch it a second time, but only the scenes with the bad vamps. Yet, I really do think "new moon" will be much better. I'll wait for the DVD.

Cherilyn  – (7/18/2009 9:21 PM)  

never seen it. never read the books. maybe some day.

Redcat  – (7/18/2009 9:57 PM)  

P.S. I do read your blog. I love watching your kids grow and enjoy your pics & talents.

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