millions of peaches, peaches for me.

first there were the tomatoes.. LOTS of tomatoes.

then the peaches. oh, the delicious peaches. the sweet, juicy, ripe, decadent peaches...

and lastly, the apples. mmmm.. i love the smell of fresh apples.


i love being able to use the fresh homemade produce. its SO much better.

i feel so domestic!

Cherilyn  – (10/22/2009 7:58 AM)  

you have an apple tree? delish!

jenilynd  – (10/23/2009 8:13 AM)  

nice work, and where are mine? he he, I wished I did that stuff, but my kids wouldn't eat them. sigh!

Jen  – (10/25/2009 12:02 AM)  

Yum! I think I need to pay a visit to your house! :)

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