going organic

so for christmas this year i planned ahead.
and by ahead i mean like 2 months.
take that time.

i had mentioned to my dad that i wanted to build a kitchen. from this website.
i asked if he thought i could handle it. what with using tools and all.
so like 2 days later, he calls and tells me he has all this leftover wood and will make all the cuts for me.
i tell him, "oh, no big hurry." "thanks so much!" "but you dont really have to."

so 2 more days later he calls and says he has it all done.
and not just one piece. all THREE of them.
sink. stove. fridge.

so i picked up the wood when we went up for thanksgiving and the garage banishment began.
the kids were no longer allowed to play in the garage.
(ok. that sounds bad. it was only when we were working out. not all the time!)

** i take no credit for the creativity here. i'm really good at following other people's brilliance**

(i love that the steak has a raw and a cooked side)

(the red part is a rubber coaster. looks like the burner is hot. i love it.)

and after a bit of work (like 20 hours or so) wah-la! the kitchen is finished!

(i pulled the floss to make the corn pucker like kernals)

but what is that you say?
where did i get all of that amazing felt food?
i stayed up really late at night (mostly at the post office) and sewed most of it by hand.
i figured since i was going to be at work anyways, i might as well take advantage of my break time.
ok. and some of it i did while watching tv. but really. its super easy.
there are a million different patterns out there.
some for sale. but lots for free. and i mean lots.

and now that it's all done, i feel kind of lost. i dont have a purpose.
what am i going to stay up late at night to do now?
well. ok. honestly. there are like a bazillion things of felt food i could make.
i'm sure i can think of something.

(the cantaloupe rind is magnetic! sheer genius. and the bacon has wire to make it bendy.)

here it is in all it's glory! i figured the 70's color scheme would make it gender neutral.
and the kids absolutely LOVE it. and that makes all the late nights worth it.

Lindsay  – (12/30/2010 8:06 AM)  

Tana you are the most ambitious crafter! There are so many details - I love all the food you made - I'm tired just looking at it and thinking of all your late nights.

Cher  – (12/30/2010 8:10 AM)  

cutest kitchen ever. can't believe you made all that food, i thought you bought it.

Hannah and KC Stayner  – (12/30/2010 1:15 PM)  

Im speechless. This is AMAZING! If I had one ounce of your talent I would be stoked.

the Lola Letters  – (1/09/2011 9:28 PM)  

P.S. This kitchen is AMAZING!!!!
I feel that I kinda sorta REALLY need to birf a baby girl just so I can build one.

{And we should SO be friends...yes?}

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