echo, echo, echo...


i'm lame.
and lazy.
and i have this love/hate relationship with the interwebnet.

i love all the amazing things i find on it.
crafty things.
food things.
fashion things.

but then i get sucked in and it steals my time.

and then i get depressed because ALL THESE PEOPLE are so much more creative than i.
like seriously. why didnt i think of that..
and i wish i had more money to spend on who knows what.

and then i think about how much time i've probably wasted on the computer while i should have been cleaning or playing with my kids.
and that i have all that i need and i am happy about that.

thats why its been like 2+ months since i posted.
restraint, ya'll. thats what i call it.
or the lack of consistent internet capabilities.


so maybe i'll get another one on here.

one day.

p.s. does anyone else think that facebook is the most narcissistic thing ever?

Cher  – (3/10/2011 11:52 AM)  

i was wondering where you've been! i miss your posts. i like to see the cool things you make or even find. i think you're amazing.

the nayz  – (3/11/2011 3:31 PM)  

A huge YES on your question on Facebook!!! Jason and I both agree fully with you!!

Lauren  – (3/13/2011 6:22 PM)  

YES to your Facebook P.S. It makes me all fired up! I'll be so excited when it goes the way of The Backstreet Boys. Twitter, too.

the Lola Letters  – (3/16/2011 6:53 PM)  

I TOTALLY do the same thing to myself with too much blog-stalker-y.

LOVED this post.

And the fact that the song "popular" greeted me when I clicked over to your blog?

...well, that pretty much ='s we must be BFF's forever. {Even when the zombies take over. No, ESPECIALLY when the zombies take over.}

the Lola Letters  – (3/31/2011 9:36 AM)  

Dear friend,
Will you friend request me on goodreads puhlease? I am mildly goodreads illiterate. I am just listed on there as Laura Dugovic. I would love to see your book reviews and lists!

The Dennis'  – (4/02/2011 7:23 AM)  

Amen! Yes, I totally agree with all you said, and yes, feel the same way! We are too hard on ourselves and spend too much time wasting time, yes, and our kids suffer, or we do because then we look at their baby pictures and wonder where the time went and evaluate how we've been doing. It's a vicious cycle! Anyway, I think you are amazingly crafty and so good at photography! And don't spend too much time looking at other's blogs cuz they only post stuff that's wonderful in their lives so if you are comparing your backyard to their front, you're gonna feel bad. I do it all the time, that's why I am going off on this...I try not to look at other's blogs too much, it makes me depressed sometimes, but it's a good exercise for me to post what's good in my life on my own blog because it helps me focus on the positive in my life and not the negative (I tend to do that sometimes ;). So in that sense, it's a good thing. I guess moderation in all things is what we are striving for. So good for you! It is restraint (I totally know what you mean) the web is a blessing and a curse!!! ;) Later! So yeah, I should get off the computer now!!!

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