it's hard basking in the sun all day

oh.. our trip to cabo was SO nice. i mean, it would be hard to make it not nice. but its good to be home. sadly part of our trip was crapped out becuase we had to miss one of our port stops. a guy on our cruise had a heart attack and we had to return to cabo after we'd already left. that meant to make up the distance we had to skip ensenada and we were on the boat for 3 straight days.. talk about cabin fever! anways, san diego was probably our favorite part. we had 6 hours between getting off the boat and our flight leaving so we grabbed a rental car and toured the city, hit some beaches, and decided that california is WAAAAY better than utah. here are our pics.

cherilyn  – (2/10/2009 1:39 PM)  

did you take that pic of the map or get it off google? i love yoru pics. sorry about ensenada, that's a great port to stop at. but also sorry for the guy that had the heart attack, that was bad timing.

jenilynd  – (2/10/2009 3:34 PM)  

all I am going to say is HELLO I AM JEALOUS I love that pic of you and the hubby did someone take that for you or did you have a tripod. I am glad you are back and can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.

Sartori Fam  – (2/11/2009 1:20 PM)  

I'm so jealous! I loved the pics, especially the one of you and Brody. I can't remember if I sent you a message or not, but we will be there on Wed.

Denney Family  – (2/14/2009 2:56 PM)  

Glad you guys had a good time. I am so jealous!

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