oh my...

it cant have been 3 years already! seriously? its so cliche, but time flies! holy cow. my goose is getting so big and as handsome as ever. he is so funny and sweet. not as adventurous as mia, always a bit more cautious and such a tender heart. the other day he told me, "mama. i your best friend." it just melted my heart.

jonesy pie, i love you forever much.

wow.. i was so big. no wonder people asked if i was having twins. but i guess gaining 50 lbs in your belly (and ankles) will do that.

oh, what a sweet newborn. so quiet...



jenilynd  – (2/23/2009 1:59 PM)  

Happy Birthday!!!! Those pictures turned out soooo cute!!! And your party looked fun. I might have to borrow that idea for Kadin's party. See ya tonight. J

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