so i got a whole lotta this in my Bountiful basket.

first, i didnt even know what it was. i had to do various google searches. i found out its collard greens.

second, i've never eaten collard greens in my life, let alone cooked them.

sooooo... any ideas? recipes? i know they are big in the south.. so i'd love some input. i dont want them to go to waste!

**edited** okay, so it might be swiss chard... any other ideas?

Cher  – (6/05/2010 8:16 PM)  

looks like chard, which we grew in our yard. if it IS similar we use it just like spinach. throw it in a salad, add it to quiche, or pizza. mmm.

Tina  – (6/06/2010 10:46 AM)  

the only time i have had collard greens was in a can. cook it and maybe try it with some butter on it. i think that you would want to add it to a main dish like you would with spinach. i am not the biggest fan of collard greens just by themselves.

p.s. congrats on getting a house. i just heard from your mom :)

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